4 Essential Summer Sale Shoes

16 August 2021

4 Essential Summer Sale Shoes

4 Essential Summer Sale Shoes

Temperatures are rising and that's why the Tapadas Summer Sale has arrived!

In Tapadas stores and online, you can find your favorite Tapadas items at low prices with discounts of up to 50%.

There are countless reasons to write down these 4 essentials of the Summer Sales: this is the ideal time to acquire the items you fell in love with during the season, to replace the basic ones you don't do without or, simply, to combine with your summer looks.

Ready to take note of the 4 essentials of Summer Sales?

Here are the suggestions:

1. Mules

Mules are a model that you shouldn't let go. In addition to being the shoe that continues to be a big trend, it is a shoe that you can adapt to your looks for the next season. What's more, the Tapadas mules collection stands out for its irreverence and originality, making this element stand out in its look.

2. Bio Sandals

Slippers, wedges, clogs or flat sandals, a Bio model is, for sure, a summer essential. The soft and anatomically shaped insole makes this model one of the most sought after in summer, for its comfort and versatility.

3. Moccasins

There are always the obligatory shoes in every closet, which we know will be needed for some “surprise” occasion. We speak, of course, of moccasins. This is a model that can be adapted for casual or classic looks, depending on the coordinate or occasion. In addition, if the skin is well treated, they are the model that “stays forever”.

4. Sandals for Ceremonies

With summer, high temperatures and ceremonies arrive where there is a need to improve the look a little. Investing in a look for a ceremony can be expensive, but with Tapadas you can purchase quality and comfortable sandals at affordable prices to wear during the occasion.

Don't miss the Summer Sales online until 18/09/2021.

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