5 Shoes for the mid-season

27 September 2022

5 Shoes for the mid-season

5 Shoes for the mid-season

The dilemma of not knowing what to wear at this stage between seasons is over! At TAPADAS we have the solution to this problem with practical, comfortable and versatile suggestions to be able to include between work and rest days.

1. Loafers shoes

. Once the season starts to change, loafers shoes are an excellent bet. Elegant and practical, the versatility of these shoes guarantees the perfect compromise between formal and informal occasions. You can wear them with tailored suits, with jeans and dresses. You should take a chance on one of the chunky platform models.

2. Ballerina

. They gained huge recognition in the early 2000s and, despite having fallen a bit by the wayside when it comes to trends, ballerinas have always been considered one of the most comfortable shoes for all occasions. They are perfect for back to work days, always giving a more romantic and delicate touch to your looks.

3. Sneakers

. Sneaker came to democratize the fashion world by becoming the most versatile, up-to-date and adored streetstyle shoes. For those who don't do without comfort, these shoes are perfect for this mid-season. They can be combined with classic and sporty pieces, resulting in a combination of layers and styles that add an extra dose of style.

4. Chelsea ankle boots

. They are eternally in fashion trends and every year they deserve new interpretations. Due to their lightness, versatility and comfort, they are a great bet for your mid-season shoes and an investment for the coming winter days.

5. Texas boots

. Yes, you possibly remember the famous western aesthetic at the biggest summer festivals. This trend will continue throughout the winter season (and we are not at all upset about this fact!). Texan boots are a great option to pair with your dresses on weekend outings or with your work pants for an office day.

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