Tapadas side by side with sports

03 August 2020

Tapadas side by side with sports

Tapadas side by side with sports

Sport has always “run in Tapadas blood".

The Portuguese footwear brand is linked to the sports world by sponsoring riders in some of the main championships in the country.

Daniela Godinho, a woman of reference in portuguese Kart-cross, who already has some internalizations with her “rosinha”, with the support of Tapadas.

Daniela Godinho in Castelo Branco, OffRoad Portugal

Also Rodrigo Belchior, current national champion of Open Absolute and Open 1, received Tapadas support in the National Motocross Championship.

Portugal Motocross Championship

In the National Rally Championship, the driver Francisco Teixeira already has several participation, both on the continent and the Islands, with the support of Tapadas.

Rally de Portugal

Tapadas was also represented in water sports, as was the case of the National Championship of Wakeboard and Wakeskate, in 2014.

By supporting Portuguese sports, Tapadas continues its mission to value the best that is done in Portugal and to encourage the practice of sport in the Portuguese lifestyle.

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