5 tips to take care for your shoes

02 December 2020

5 tips to take care for your shoes

5 tips to take care for your shoes

The leather of your shoes must be carefully treated to ensure its durability.

The truth is that the leather of your shoes also suffers from the action of time and, therefore, they need special care when you are using it or putting it back in your closet.


So that you have your Tapadas shoes always “as new”, we leave you 5 tips for a good maintenance of your suede and leather footwear:


Tip #1

To restore the suede color, you should use restorative sprays of the same color.

Tip #2

To remove dust and dirt on your suede shoes, use a proper brush and brush the shoes in the opposite direction of the suede hair.

Tip #3

On your leather shoes, use ointments and greases for cleaning and maintenance, which also waterproofs the leather of your shoes (do not use liquid ointment).

Tip #4

If the leather has been in contact with water, let it dry naturally and put newspaper inside (it is a great absorbent). Then, apply a moisturizing ointment or grease.

Tip #5

For your suede shoes, use a colorless waterproofing spray suitable for all colors and all types of suede. 

For additional information, visit us or contact our Customer Support.

In our Tapadas stores, you will find footwear care and cleaning products and a team available to help ensure the durability of your shoes.

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