Spring/Summer '22 Campaign

17 April 2022

Spring/Summer '22 Campaign

Spring/Summer '22 Campaign

The TAPADAS Spring/Summer 2022 collection is a summer breeze.

Inspired by the new shades, shades and textures of the summer season, the new TAPADAS campaign, portrayed by photographer KAT V, is a summer breeze that evokes the leisure moments of contemporary women.

In this new collection, new formats stand out, such as square toe caps, and new interpretations of footwear, such as insoles in the same shade as the sandals, creating a color blocking effect. The textures of the materials used - such as the texture of linen and wood - set the season's trends and offer a touch of uniqueness. Clogs with wooden representation heels return for the hot season, once again gaining prominence in the universe of women's footwear and accessories.

The TAPADAS summer will be light, elegant and versatile through flat-heeled sandals, bold clogs and wedges with rustic details, which adapt to everyday life in the city or for a special event.


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